Next Minecraft Update to Feature the Ocelot/Kitteh!

Minecraft Ocelot is latest update

For all the Minecraft lovers that also happen to be cat lovers, you’re in luck, the next scheduled update of Minecraft will feature a new mob, the ocelot. Ocelots can be found in the new jungle biome and are incredibly fast, for mob standards. The ocelot is a cute feline addition to the world of Minecraft and rumor has it that you can tame the ocelot by catching a fish with the fishing pole and holding out a fish while an ocelot is near. If you do this and the ocelot pays attention to you and looks at you, you can right-click to feed it the fish and it will become your companion. Check out the video showing off the ocelot below.

Personally, I’m super stoked to see kittehs added to Minecraft. While I am an avid dog/wolf lover, I really would like to get a cat and give him some string. Hopefully in the next update, we’ll also see a crafting recipe for balls of yarn or something to play with the ocelots.

While we’re on the topic of the lastest Minecraft Update (1.2) we should point out that Mojang has announced a new flame like item for the update as well as new AI for the skeletons and some minor bug fixes. Mojang has also announced an “experience item” for the creative mode, but we’re not really sure what that means yet, so we’ll see what that looks like once it’s released.

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