Update to Minecraft Pocket Edition Brings Survival Mode

Minecraft Pocket Edition Update Brings Survival Mode

When Minecraft: Pocket Edition was released at MineCon late last year, every Minecrafter out there, myself included, freaked and immediately went out to buy it. I was slightly disappointed when I saw that the Minecraft app for the iOS was basically an alpha version of the game, only including creative mode, but Mojang promised several updates and releases for the app as it continued to get worked on in the coming months.

The latest update finally brings several much-needed and exciting changes to Minecraft. The addition of survival mode, along with the first mob, the zombie and sheep has been added, along with flying mode for creative and the ability to use tools and collect resources from the environment.

These changes immediately make Minecraft: Pocket Edition feel much more enjoyable and like the PC version. If you haven’t gotten it yet and you have an Android phone, an iPhone or an iPad, you should look into getting yourself a copy and playing it.

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  • Chas41

    Why can you bring use news but not update the Crafting Guide

    • Minecraft Sandbox

      Very good point! It’s on our list of things to update. We’ve had to deal with a lot of server problems lately, so that’s been soaking up most of our time. Very sorry about the lack of crafting updates, we’ll get on that as soon as possible.

  • GayLord Steambath

    hey MS im making a server named Survival Craft, lemme give u ip when its done

  • Tyler

    i have lite

  • richie

    i love minecaft i cant even put it down but can u put armour and texture packs to it along with more items 

    • Jonathan

      Hey i to like minecraft but i am the one that can not get on the game. But i have heard it is awesom!

  • Jescooop

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    • Jonathan

      Hey can you help me on regestering at minecarft?

  • Jonathan

    How can a new person log on minecraft?

  • Fabricio Geroncio Aguirre

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  • CraftySteve123

    This Minecraft PE Lite doesnt updated >_<

  • Trololololololollllooo

    Pocket Edition isn’t as good as PC edition but it’s still good. Needs more to it.

  • MinePE

    Minecraft is amazing i builded a hotel:

  • Matthew Martin

    Is there going to be a new update for it like New stuff Yes :)
    No :(

  • Matthew Martin

    I need New stuff i made a home a mineing cave aND MORE

  • Emmalad Blaza

    SWEET! I just got a free Minecraft card code at

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