Minecraft 1.2 Out, Check Out the New Features

Minecraft 1.2 has come out today! Update your Minecraft install on your computer to get all the new features. There’s actually quite a few new features that have come out with this update. Check them out here:

• A new biome, the jumgle biome, has been added. Vines grow all over in this biome, making it difficult to navigate without having a sword or some sort of tool to cut through the brush. This biome is also where you can find:

• Ocelots. Catlike, leopards are now in the game. These mobs can be tamed by holding out a fish and giving it to them. They will them become your pet, much like the wolves, which can be tamed by giving them bones.

• Enemy mobs are now smarter. Zombies can break doors down, which will make it more important to set up walls and defenses to keep them out at night. Creepers are better at navigating through terrain to get to you, but if you have a trained Ocelot, they will back off, as they hate ocelots and fear them. Finally, we now have a tool to use to keep Creepers off our backs while building.

Minecraft Iron Golem

• Iron Golems can now be built to protect villages. These guys are super handy if you are getting overrun by enemies at night.

• NPC villagers can now have children if they both run into a home by themselves.

• The build limit has doubled. Remember seeing screenshots of Minecraft with a higher ceiling months and months ago? Well, now you can build twice as high, which means builds will be that much more epic, cliffs and mountains can be taller and your computer might run a little slower, naturally.

• The lighting system has been refined. Lights now burn brighter.

• The double door system has been refined, which means they will work with redstone better now, but you will probably have to rebuild every door in your old saved worlds, because of this new update.

Have fun with the update! Get out there and bring me an ocelot!

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  • zhagsenkk

    Good job!

  • Dana Van Hyfte

    Very nice video I liked it very funny to you should make more videos of that I think you would get very famous on funny videos of minecraft anyways keep up the reminders and stuff :D

  • Mikeybarr

     how to build golem?

    • DarciPeeps

      make a t with iron blocks then put a pumpkin on top P=pumpkin B=Iron Block

  • Daidith

    This is really outdated :l

  • Mark Smith

    sorry, just for a thingy

  • Steven

    1.2? Oh many this hasn’t been updated in a while, we’ll, anyway, if you want I have a minecraft gift code generator I’m not using, here

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