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Minecraft Server Description

All New DHSERVER invites YOU to come along and join us on our server. The admins are very experienced and always happy to help.

The Gods are seperated into to Groups, Heaven and Hell. When you Create a Faction you can ask either a Heaven or Hell God to ally with them but u cannot ally with Both Heaven and Hell. Every So often Hell and Heaven will go to war and the allys of both can join in with the battle. Heaven and Hell will pay any warriors For the Bravery. So You have the Choice Go with the protection Of Heaven or Hell or Go it alone with out the help of Heaven or Hell.

Good Luck.

• No Hacking/Cheating
• No spamming chat
• Listen to what king+ says
• Griefing, Stealing and Trolling ARE aloud
• Do not ask for promotions

• Citizen, This is Defualt rank you can do basic stuff like building, creating factions and buying things.
• Noble, You need to Donate 5 euros to the server, You can start creating shops, send Tp requests and set 1 home
• Knight, You need to Donate 10 euros to the server, You can Tp without request, Use some Falsebook functions and set 2 homes
• Thane, You need to Donate 15 euros to the server, Set 3 homes and use more falsebook functions.
• Royal, Donate 20 euros to the server Set 4 homes, Change your name and its colour and Use even more falsebook functions
• King (Moderator), Apply When We need one
• Emperor (Admin), Only Kings can apply when one is needed
• GOD (server owners), Well you need to own the server. Please go to Kings and Emperors about problems before confronting Gods when possible.


• Essentials
• Ultimate Arena
• Factions
• NoCheat
• Group Manager
• World Edit
• World Guard
• Iconomy
• ChestShop
• Voxel Sniper

*We do not have a website yet so dontating is not possable at the moment but will be soon

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  • Dark

    THis server is pretty lame donors can do whatever the fuck they want. The server admins totally kiss the donors ass. Strongly suggest finding a new server.

    • Dark_is_gay

      Ur a fag hating on servers

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