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Minecraft server type: Survival
Server Features:

Minecraft Server Description

Mcreepers IP:
Cracked Non-Hamachi No Whitelist Server
24/7 Lag Free
We have many available plugins such as War, Mob Arena, Log Block, Dragon Travel, Towny, and 50+ more!
Please join our growing community and we wish you HAPPY MINECRAFTING!
Do visit us though at

1) No griefing (Almost always Rule Number 1)
2) No X-ray or hacking clients (such as TeamEvolution)
3) No begging for ranks or promotions (really annoys players)
4) Always listen to staff
5) Respect people with ranks above you
6) No swearing or insults
7) No advertising
8) Do not leave floating trees!

We also have a range of ranks:
Owner: x_Dardas
Co-Owner: Screek
Admin: Enice
Moderators: MrMinecraft_01, Kalaske_, mrmishka66, skills071
Trial-Mod: Ramboza, DeadlyBlowz
FirstTierArchitect: wheezy_uk

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