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Welcome to NoobCraft!

NoobCraft is a community with players of all ages and backgrounds, designed to be a fun and safe environment for everyone.
We provide a free minecraft server with the latest software, hardware, and adapt to the needs of an ever changing gaming experience.

We have gathered a staff of responsible, mature, and experienced gamers that are willing to help all users at any time and for any reason. Each suggestion by a user is passed up the ranks, and we take every request under consideration.

This is your community, and it should meet and exceed what you want to see in a Minecraft community.
In order to build on the server, you will need to be promoted to Builder. This is an easy process, and typically only takes a couple minutes: please go to our Website and register here: (, then fill out a Builder application here: (

After you have made your application on the forums, connect to the server using our IP: and ask a moderator to review it to be promoted.

Read our rules at

See our live map at
Looking forward to see you there!

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