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This Minecraft Texture Pack Features… MATT DAMON

When you think of Minecraft texture packs, Matt Damon probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Regardless, here’s what Mr. Andy, a Damonaholic created in his free time for Minecraft. Check out the video below… While the actual … Continue reading

Lego Minecraft is a Go!

Often times, when trying to describe Minecraft to someone who has never played it before, I would say “Minecraft is like playing with legos in a first-person perspective, or even SimCity, but from the view of someone playing Halo.” The … Continue reading

Play Minecraft, Become A Better Person

This summer I spent many hours playing Minecraft, but I wasn’t building my own creations, nor was I fighting off monsters in dungeons.  I was babysitting. You see, a friend’s daughter was spending the summer at her mother’s house, a … Continue reading

Dark Knight Movie Poster Recreated in Minecraft

If you went to Harry Potter this Weekend, you may have peed your pants a little with excitement when you saw the teaser trailer for the new Dark Knight epic. We really like all of the Dark Knight movie posters … Continue reading

New Minecraft T Shirts Out Now

J!NX just released a new set of Minecraft t shirts. These shirts continue to add onto their last Minecraft merchandise line with a set of Creeper-themed shirts, a Minecraft periodic table, along with a Creeper baseball cap. Our personal favorite is … Continue reading

Minecraft First Person Shooter Gives Creepers the Headshot

Youtube user and film school student Final Cut King clearly has a problem with creepers and zombies hanging out in his backyard. While I would file a restraining order, he grabbed his CoD47 and decided he’d bust a cap in … Continue reading

ThinkGeek Adds Real-Life Foam Pickaxe, Minecraft Sticky Notes

Minecraft and ThinkGeek just added a couple more items to their lineup of officially licensed Minecraft swag. Check out these awesome Minecraft Sticky Notecubes and this real-life Minecraft Pickaxe. Now all of you Minecrafters that were hounding me about the … Continue reading

Xbox 360 Minecraft Trailer, Not Worked on by Mojang

Amidst the news of Minecraft coming to the Xbox 360 with kinect support, Notch answered some helpful questions on his twitter account, citing that Mojang isn’t working on the actual port of the game to the Xbox and that he … Continue reading

Help Recreate Middle-Earth in Minecraft

The Lord of the Rings is one of our favorite stories of all time here at Minecraft Sandbox. When we caught wind of a group of Minecraft users recreating the world of Middle-Earth in Minecraft, we drew our swords and … Continue reading

Hack Allows YouTube Videos in Minecraft

Minecraft hacker sk89q figured out a way to play YouTube videos in Minecraft using the map feature added in the latest 1.6 Beta of Minecraft. Sk89q admits that the way he hacked Minecraft to do this is “unrealistic.” but he’s … Continue reading

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