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Minecraft 1.2 Out, Check Out the New Features

Minecraft 1.2 has come out today! Update your Minecraft install on your computer to get all the new features. There’s actually quite a few new features that have come out with this update. Check them out here: • A new … Continue reading

Update to Minecraft Pocket Edition Brings Survival Mode

When Minecraft: Pocket Edition was released at MineCon late last year, every Minecrafter out there, myself included, freaked and immediately went out to buy it. I was slightly disappointed when I saw that the Minecraft app for the iOS was … Continue reading

Doors Could Be Changing, Might Be Broken With Minecraft 1.2 Update

Jeb mentioned on Reddit that some new changes are coming to double doors in the Minecraft 1.2 update. Because of the way they currently work, the Minecraft game build is trying to cram 5 bits of data into 4 bits … Continue reading

Lego Minecraft is a Go!

Often times, when trying to describe Minecraft to someone who has never played it before, I would say “Minecraft is like playing with legos in a first-person perspective, or even SimCity, but from the view of someone playing Halo.” The … Continue reading

Next Minecraft Update to Feature the Ocelot/Kitteh!

For all the Minecraft lovers that also happen to be cat lovers, you’re in luck, the next scheduled update of Minecraft will feature a new mob, the ocelot. Ocelots can be found in the new jungle biome and are incredibly … Continue reading

What Happened in Minecraft While We Were out.

Quick Story: I got a brand-spanking new computer for Christmas a couple months back before I started this website. It was super exciting, I got my first Mac computer ever and was very happy to see that Minecraft, this new … Continue reading

Minecraft 1.8 Adventure Update Released Today

Despite the Adventure Update being leaked over the weekend, for all of you who have been waiting patiently, the Minecraft 1.8 Beta has officially launched as of this morning. The new features include several new crafting recipes, which you can … Continue reading

Minecraft 1.8 Adventure Update Coming This Week

It’s finally within sight! The latest and greatest update for Minecraft, the massive 1.8 Adventure Update, is scheduled to come out later this week. This update will add the terrifying Endermen mob, a pack of new crafting recipes, rivers, deep … Continue reading

More Minecraft 1.8 Details Released

Kotaku recently met up with Notch at PAX to go over some new details about the eagerly awaited 1.8 Beta, the Adventure Update. Notch showed off some of the new features, like the rivers and the new lighting system, which … Continue reading

It’s Finally Here – Minecraft: Pocket Edition Hits the Android Market Today

Minecraft: Pocket Edition Finally Hits the Android Market Today. It’s available for $6.92 and features 36 different kinds of blocked and local multiplayer with other android devices in a local wireless network. If you thought Minecraft ate up a good … Continue reading

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