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Minecraft Blueprint: Build Your Very First Log Cabin

This Minecraft Blueprint will go over how to make a simple log cabin. This blueprint can be used as a guide on how to make your first house after you survive your first night in Minecraft. It’s almost possible to build this entire house in one day, so you could make this before your first nightfall, but you will need to find coal instantly and have lightning-fast crafting skills to pump this baby out in time along with all the crafting recipes memorized, so it’s best to build this over a couple days after you have a make-shift shelter set up.

You’ll also need an area for the log cabin that is about 12-14 squares by 12-14 squares of clear space to property make this house.

You’ll need about 192 Wooden Planks, 68 Cobblestone, 38 Cobblestone Slabs, 8 Glass blocks for the windows, a Crafting Table, a Furnace, a Bed, 2 Doors, 10 Torches, 2 Chests, and one or two Paintings depending on your taste.

You can click on any image to view it larger, as some of these blueprints will get detailed.

Log Cabin Blueprint: Part 1

Our first step is to set up our log cabin’s foundation. You’ll need to lay down a section of Cobblestone 8 blocks by 8 blocks, with a 4 block area added on one side. This will be where the front of your house is.

Let’s make the foundation look a little cleaner now. We’re going to add a Cobblestone slab around the foundation. This makes the edge of the foundation look nicer and makes it so that we can walk onto and off of the foundation without having to jump.

Log Cabin Blueprint: Part 3

Now, we’re going to lay down the first set of wooden planks on the foundation. This is where we’re going to put all the other wooden planks on top of. It’s important to make sure these are in the right place, because the rest of our house is based upon this.

Log Cabin Blueprint: Part 4

Next, we’re going to lay down the rest of walls of the log cabin. There’s two windows in the diagram, showing you where to place the glass blocks. Glass is made by taking sand and smelting it in a furnace. You if don’t want to have windows or can’t find sand yet, you can use wooden planks instead, but you’ll need a couple extra torches.

Log Cabin Blueprint: Part 5

This is the way your log cabin should be looking at this point. There isn’t a roof yet or any decorations, but we’ll get to that next.

Log Cabin Blueprint: Part 6

Here’s a cutaway of the log cabin, so you can see where to place the decorations. We have a spot for our Crafting Table, and Furnace, our bed and some torches, to give light when it’s dark and to keep out the mobs. Place 2 torches on each wall, one on the left and on on the right. Place a painting above the crafting table and furnace. Place the painting on the wall until you get one you like.

Log Cabin Blueprint: Part 7

Here’s how we’ll put the roof on the house. The roof will stick out one block all the way around the walls of the house. The diagram is a little confusing… pay close attention to which block goes where and how they stack. The arrows point onto each block to give a better idea of how the roof stacks.

Log Cabin Blueprint: Part 8

We’re nearly finished, just add the two doors onto the front of your cabin and place the two torches outside the front. We’re finished! You now have a cozy log cabin to start your Minecraft journey in. You’ll definitely want to upgrade from here though.

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