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Minecraft servers are multiplayer hangouts where you can join with other fellow Minecrafters in endless adventures. There are many different types of servers out there, so it’s a good idea to learn a little bit about them before you dive right in.

PvP servers are player-vs-player arenas, where you have to fight to stay alive against other players. Keep your wits about you in this mode and make sure you have a couple of friends to help watch your back otherwise you’ll get cut down.

Creative servers are mainly based on building really cool structures and worlds together. There’s not as much, or any, focus on killing each other or fighting.

A whitelisted server cannot be joined unless you are on the server whitelist, meaning you need to contact the people who run the server first to be able to play on it.

A survival server is basically just a place where you play normal Minecraft in survival mode. Zombies and Creepers come out at night, so build a shelter and stay alive!

Check out our featured servers on this page, as well as some more, user-submitted servers further down.

Available Minecraft Servers

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The Tallcraft Freebuild Server is an international Minecraft server That means: Speak the language you want to speak, build wherever and whatever you want in every gamemode you want to play! Trade with other players, fight in arenas, build on … Continue reading

Noobcraft Gaming Community

Welcome to NoobCraft! NoobCraft is a community with players of all ages and backgrounds, designed to be a fun and safe environment for everyone. We provide a free minecraft server with the latest software, hardware, and adapt to the needs … Continue reading


All New DHSERVER invites YOU to come along and join us on our server. The admins are very experienced and always happy to help. The Gods are seperated into to Groups, Heaven and Hell. When you Create a Faction you … Continue reading


AFROCRAFT: NEED STAFF – DONATOR INFO BELOW #ip: #ip: #ip: ill cut out the talk and get straight into it. why should you pick our server ? # we are 24/7 # we have many ingame minigames … Continue reading


PixelWorld was founded with battles being the main theme for the server. In PixelWorld PVP is enabled at all times exept for in certain regions such as towns. Only VIP can wear diamond armor, to get VIP you can buy … Continue reading

19-Kilo Mayhem Survival Server

I invite all of you to TRY and survive. Our server is on hard. We hope to attract the best at surviving and the best killers. No rules. The goal is to survive. Survive mobs and humans. There are no … Continue reading


Slap Gaming International Survival Server | Bukkit 1.2.3 Free Build Server! | No Whitelist! | No Sign-Up Required! Dedicated Server – 16GB RAM – i5 CPU – Europe Hosted! Come Join Us Now! Server IP: Full Server Info On … Continue reading


Go to Great plugins, dedicated staff, anti-Griefing, A PVP World that allows Griefing and obviously killing other players also a none PVP world where you can build have fun and play with other members. So much you can do … Continue reading

Lava Craft

Our server is lag free, with a top-notch community. Plugins are installed to improve our players’ experience without making it confusing. We have a complete set of plugins that every player can use to prevent griefing and cheating. No Griefing! … Continue reading

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