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Reskin Your World: The Very Best Minecraft Texture Packs

The video game Minecraft is a lush, colorful, and delightfully retro game. But the graphics can become boring and lame over time. If you’re bored of the overworld’s graphics in Minecraft, you can load texture packs into the game to change the scenery. There is currently no way to add texture packs to the mobile game version of Minecraft.

Here’s a selection of the best texture packs, hand-picked for your convenience. We’re going to be adding more texture packs here. Feel free to leave a comment below on any texture packs you would like to see listed here.

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  • Kaiden Reid

    Hey I was wondering if you had any Texture Packs for download?
    I also wondered if you had tutorials on making Texturepacks?

  • Lars

    Soartex is a very good and smooth TexturePack.

  • Craig Brown

    Your selection of texture packs is kind of… invisible :-

    • iMinecraft

      Haha, it’s so true! We’re working on it… we’ll have at least something up in the next couple days.

      • Navar Otton

        Um its been a month since you said “We’ll have something up in the next couple day”. I still don’t see anything.

        • iMinecraft

          Yeah, it’s pretty ridiculous. I work as a freelance web designer, so I can’t really gauge how much free time I’ll have to work on this site because my work comes and goes as I have a lot of clients or not. I’ve been slammed for the last couple months out of the blue, usually this is the slow time of the year for me. Very sorry about the lack of updates, I’ll update this page as I have free time to do so.

          • My Fart

            its now 2 years from now ….

        • goldlagoon12

          its been like six months

          • minecraftianfolife

            its been over a year

      • Declan

        there are still no texture packs and you said that 2 months ago! ):<

      • Dpeeps99

        Um.. your texture packs are still kinda invisible.

        • minecraftDUDE


      • William…

        ITS BEEN 5 MONTHS!

  • Total_Jerkface1

    I have a nice texturepack. my email is westontex@yahoo:disqus .com so email me to get it.

    • iMinecraft

      Thanks! We’ll check it out. Do you have a Minecraft forum link?

      • dagger

        a i am trying to get on line sens a started this game and no one is on

      • Fuck you to fucking hell

        When the flying fuck are you going to get anything on this godforsaken excuse for a website?

    • Whisperingkoolkatz

      Kind of a, mean screen-name, huh?

      • Evilbunnyco

        im guessing he plays happy wheels. hmm happy wheels texture pack

  • Jellybutter123

    can you guys contact me at because i want to know if A. you guys have a server and B.i fi can help with the site. I also want to know when you will have your texture packs up. Thank you! -Jellybutter123

    • river

      Really, You come on here to do that?

  • Whisperingkoolkatz

    I don’t see a thing. :P   YES I PLAY ROBLOX SO THERE!

    • smudgie12

      Roblox is stupid

  • Zip


  • widman2000

    nothin here

  • Fuck you to fucking hell

    Fuck you you lazy son of a bitch. You from fat fuck America? Or maybeching Ching fucking china. This whole website is a waste of fucking space.

  • minecraftDUDE

    uumm what am i looking at bitch

  • Doubl3tapMinecraft

    20 days later… FIX IT ALREADY

  • Lexo66

    Lol there aren’t any texture packs

  • goldlagoon12

    there is like nothing…

  • Lexo66

    7 months!

  • Patiently Waiting

    You really haven’t done anything here.

  • noahyoder09

    yah its been now 9 months since you said that and its still not there… :

  • Herobrine

    i dont have a clue where the heck they are

  • Marcos Hirano Shimada


  • betnot be

    i know a good texture pack ill put a link in a replyence

  • 453

    Just in case you don’t know you must obtain the permission of the texture pack creator before you post it up here.

  • Rozietwenny

    your textures are invisible

  • Cuteyalex

    Have a texture pack for girls

  • minecraftianfolife

    invisibility spell?i think not!

  • My Fart

    this sucks